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Parts Viewer Tutorial

Firstly, WELCOME to the Cornwall Kawasaki Centre website.

There mere fact that you're here means that you have access to a computer, and also willing to explore new internet experiences.

Those of you more well-travelled around the 'www' will have noted that - unlike the UK - the American market place vigorously promotes the hosting of parts fiche diagrams in almost all dealerships with an online presence. Here at CKC, we have gone some small way to redress this imbalance by at least providng a similar service to those owners of Kawasaki machines, thus allowing the British small business and private individual the means to accurately identify and obtain the precise part(s) without frustrating phone calls trying to explain (typically aided by fruitless hand gestures) that 'that bit under there' is the one you require, or the inconvent delays and inflated costs of buying from overseas.

For the less intrepid who might not be quite so internet-aware, or just simply totally new to the concept, here follows a short tutorial:

1. Hit the 'Parts Viewer' link on the left (Picture 1 'A') or any of the links to the Parts Fiche scattered around the home page. (Picture 1 'B')
2. Choose the type of machine from the list, then find your model and finally the year of your model.
3. Click on the area of interest (eg: Front Brake, Seat etc.) and then the exploded digram appears with the associated parts list to the left. (Picture 2)
4. Once identified, clicking on the part number in the left-hand list will add it to the shopping 'Trolley' in the checkout section. You will see the complete Kawasaki Part number shown at this point too. N.B. don't worry about adding items to the 'Trolley' just to check code numbers - you can simply hit the 'Remove' button to the right of any unwanted item at any time.
5. If you wish to locate more parts, use your browsers 'Back' button to re-enter the Fiche.
6. Once all required parts have been added to your shopping 'Trolley', check the list and alter any 'multiple' amounts (Picture 3 '1') as necessary (eg: 5 Bolts, 2 Spark Plugs etc). Hit the 'Update Trolley' button (Picture 3 '2') to confirm changes and show total costs of parts.
7. Hit 'Checkout' to reach the postal options page. Here, you must choose the most appriate shipping for your consignment. (Picture 4) The default is 4.95 for the UK, but if overseas (outside the UK) or over-weight (2kg+) then one of the other options will be required. Don't worry if you choose incorrectly - we will either contact you to ask for further funds or we may even contact you to announce a refund if you've overpaid.
8. Once shipping has been chosen, the 'Proceed to Payment' link will initially announce that from here on, all information you give will be encrypted and secure. Upon confirmation that you're happy with this, you simply enter your personal details and payment card information, the conclusion of which will be announced and a confirmation E-Mail sent to your inbox.

- And that's all you have to do!

We should be able to send you a confirmation E-Mail by the end of the next working day to inform you of the expected delivery date and any issues regarding back-ordered or unobtainable items.

Our Parts Fiche is expanding all the time, both keeping up-to-date with the current models as well as streching back as far as is feasable. If you cannot find your particular machine, please don't hesitate to e-mail us. We will either upload a catalogue of pictures at your request (if we can obtain them) or deal with any individual part enquiry.

The link below takes you to the first of the selection pages.

Parts Viewer Tutorial

Parts Viewer Tutorial_thumb_2 Parts Viewer Tutorial_thumb_3 Parts Viewer Tutorial_thumb_4